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The Wexford Carol

         C4sus C        Emi      C
1. Near Bethlehem did shepherds keep
           F        C        Gmi
   their flocks of lamb and feething sheep
        C4sus    C       Emi    C
   to whom God's angels did appear
          F        C      Ami   G    C
   which put the shepherds in great fear
              Cmi7   Gmi     Cmi
   arise and go thou angels said
    Gmi Cmi          Gmi
   to  Bethlehem be not afraid
         C4sus       C         Emi   C
   for there you'll find this happy morn
       F       C  Ami     G     C
   a princely babe sweet Jesus born.

2. There were three wise men from afar
   directed by our glorious star
   and on they wandered night and day
   until they came to where Jesus lay
   and when they came unto the stall
   where our beloved Messiah was
   they humbly laid at his feet
   their gifts of gold and incense sweet.
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