Antoniův zpěvník


1. Well did you ever make colcannon
   made with lovely pickled cream
   with the greens and scallions mingled
   like the picture in the dream?

2. Did you ever make a hole on top
   to hold the meltin' flake
   of the creamy-flavoured butter
   that our mother used to make?

R: Oh you did so you did
   so did he and so did I
   and the more I think about it sure
   the nearer I'm to cry
   oh weren't them the happy days
   when troubles we knew not
   and our mothers made colcannon
   in the little skillet pot.

3. Well did you ever take potato cake
   and boxty to the school
   tucked underneath your oxter
   with your books your slate and rule?

4. And when teacher wasn't lookin'
   sure a great big bite you'd take
   of the creamy-flavoured soft
   and meltin' sweet potato cake.


5. Well did you ever go a-courtin' boys
   when the evenin' sun went down
   and the moon began apeepin'
   from behind the Hill o' down.

6. Did you wandered down the boreen
   where the clarachen was seen
   and you whispered lovin' praises
   to your own dear sweet collean.

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