Antoniův zpěvník

The Waters Of Tyne

             G         Hmi    C        G
1. I cannot get to my love if I would need
        C         Ami           C            G
   the waters of Tyne stand between him and me
                     G/F#          Emi       C
   and here I must stand with the tear in my eye
       G            Hmi         C           G Hmi C G
   oh sighing and starving my true love to see.

2. Oh where is the boatman my bonnie will need
   oh where is the boatman oh bring him to me
   for to ferry me over the Tyne to my honey
   to carry him 'cross the run waters to me.

3. Oh where is the boatman I`ll pay any money
   and you for your troubles rewarded shall be
   if you ferry me over the Tyne to my honey
   and I will remember the boatman and thee.
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