Antoniův zpěvník

The Unquiet Grave

    C     F        Dmi  G          C
1. Cold blows the wind to my true love
        G                G7
   and gently drops the rain
   C           F      C         G
   I've never had but one true love
   C            F    G        C4sus C
   and in greenwood he lies slain.

2. I'll do as much for my true love
   as any young girl may
   I'll sit and mourn all on his grave
   for twelve month and a day.

3. And when twelve month and a day was passed
   the ghost did rise and speak.
   why sittest thou all on my grave
   and will not let me sleep?

4. Go fetch me water from desert
   and blood from out the stone
   go fetch me milk from a fair maid's breast
   that young man never has known.

5. My breast it is as cold as clay
   my breath is earthly strong
   and if you kiss my cold clay lips
   your days they won't be long.

6. When will we meet again sweetheart
   when will we meet again?
   when the autumn leaves that fall from the trees
   are green and spring up again.
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