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The Rolling Hills Of The Border

     C         F       C
1. When I die bury me low
                Emi      Dmi          G
   where I can hear the bonny Tweed flow
       Ami            F          C
   a sweeter place I never did know
                Ami          G  C
   the rolling hills of the Border.

2. I've travelled far wandered wide
   I've seen the Hudson and the Clyde
   I parted by Loch Lomond side
   but I dearly love the Border.

3. Well do I remind the day
   with my lassies strode by the way
   but all these beauties fade away
   among the hills of the Border.

4. There's a certain place of mine
   bonnie lassies there you'll find
   men so sturdy yet so kind
   among the hills of the Border.
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