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The King's Command

              Ami                   C  G
1. I've been called to fight for Royalty
         F                 C   G
   to be at the King's commands
         Ami           C    G
   be a martyr for my country
   spill my blood all on the land
              C                G
   and if I should die in battle
           F              C G
   it's a noble thing to do
          Ami            C G
   but if I should be a hero
      F             Ami
   I will return to you.

2. For the glens have been my kingdom
   my only royalty
   and I've raised my sword against the Lord
   to protect my family
   but to join the English army
   and to fight for them abroad
   not for England or her empire
   could I ever raise my sword.

3. I hear the drumbeat sounding
   it will lead me far away
   and although my soul is leaving
   my heart will surely stay
   and I'll fight for them tomorrow
   though it be against my word
   or my children they will perish
   on an English soldier's sword.
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