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Susanna Martin

            Dmi          C
1. Susanna Martin was a witch
   who dwelt in Amesbury
                  F              C
   with brilliant eye and saucy tongue
   she worked her sorcery
               F             C
   and when into the judges court
         Dmi                 Ami
   the sheriffs brought her hither
        Bb                 Ami
   the lilacs drooped as she passed by
         Bb       C       Dmi
   and then were seen to wither.

2. A witch she was, though trim and neat
   with comely head held high
   it did not seem that one as she
   with Satan so would vie
   and when in court when the afflicted ones
   proclaimed her evil ways
   she laughed aloud and boldly then
   met Cotton Mathers gaze.

3. "Who hath bewitched these maids" he asked
   and strong was her reply
   "If they be dealing in black arts
   ye know as well as I"
   and then the stricken ones made moan
   as she approached near
   they saw her shaped upon the beam
   so none could doubt 'twas there.

4. The neighbors 'round swore to the truth
   of her Satanic powers
   that she could fly o'er land and stream and come
   dry shod through showers
   at night 'twas said she had appeared
   a cat of fearsome mien
   "avoid she-devil" they had cried
   to keep their spirits clean.

5. The spectral evidence was weighed
   then stern the parson spoke
   "thou shalt not suffer a witch to live
   'tis written in the Book"
   Susanna Martin so accused
   spoke with flaming eyes
   "I scorn these things for they are naught
   but filthy gossips lies."

6. Now those bewitched they cried her out
   and loud their voice did ring
   they saw a bird above her head
   an evil yellow thing
   and so beneath a summer sky
   Susanna Martin died
   and still in scorn she faced the rope
   her comely head held high.
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